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From 2002-2007, Project Calibrate delivered successful web projects for clients in the media and finance industries by employing sound project mangement practices and rapid user interface prototyping methods. Project Calibrate utilized a flexible methodology that has proven itself on a wide variety of project types, from content publishing tools for magazine editors to retail e-commerce sites. Project Calibrate serviced clients in the publishing, technology and financial industries by developing web sites and working within client organizations to hire, train and manage effective project teams.

Project Calibrate ensured project success by helping clients define business requirements, manage technology and optimize their web production teams. Project Calibrate consultants designed custom project delivery processes for their technology clients and personally implemented thier recommendations by leading project teams. The results: consistent project delivery that enabled clients to launch web sites that had a significant revenue-generating impact.

Project Calibrate ceased its operations in 2007, as its co-founders were hired into executive management positions in the companies of their former clients.

Thomas J. Shelford THOMAS J. SHELFORD

Managing Partner, 2002 - 2007

Thomas J. Shelford was a founding Partner of Project Calibrate, which operated as a web project management consulting firm in New York City from 2002 to 2007. He has been a software development process consultant since 1998 and is an author of a book on the topic of web project management titled Real Web Project Management: Case Studies and Best Practices from the Trenches.

Thomas is currently President of Corsis, LLC Corsis is a cloud infrastructure management and IT Audting firm that helps investors and corporations to safeguard their technology systems and maximize asset value leading up to a merger or acquisition.

Real Web Project Management; Case Studies and Best Practices from the Trenches Read The Book!
Real Web Project Management: Case Studies and Best Practices from the Trenches
by Thomas J. Shelford and Gregory A. Remillard.

The process of designing and building today's dynamic Web applications comes with a host of challenges not typically solved by traditional project management methodologies. A wealth of practical resources, Real Web Project Management is a book of solutions for designing, managing, and delivering virtually any type of web project under even the most challenging of conditions.

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